Good Sam Ministry Leads and Volunteers NEEDED!

Date: December 17, 2017
Time: 10:30 am

Filling a Need at Good Sam

Saints fill in where there is a need. Several longstanding church leaders are switching roles and leaving openings for others to stretch their wings. Please pray about these roles and ask God how you might serve. Please email our rector, Janine Schenone, or our wardens, if you are interested in any of the following roles:

Vestry member – Our church has a nine-member vestry, three of whom are elected each year for a three-year term. The vestry is responsible for the temporal affairs of the church with substantial support from committees; it also advises and supports the Rector in her responsibilities. It oversees the strategic plan and acts as liaison to the main ministries of our church. We will elect three new vestry members in January of 2018. It is preferred that vestry members have a history of volunteering for the church.

Delegate to Convention – Our church elects three lay delegates to diocesan conventions. This year, the elected delegates will serve both at the regular annual diocesan convention in November of 2018 as well as at the convention to elect our next bishop in February of 2019. It is preferred that delegates have a history of serving on the vestry or in other significant positions of leadership in the church.

Community Life Chair: Beth Hannaman will step down in January after years of leadership. This committee chair coordinates the Community Life dinners and has a team of volunteers to support him or her. Other groups such as the Men’s and Women’s Groups and Family Fun Nights are part of community Life and have their own leaders.

Outreach Chair: Eric Lynn will step down in January after years of leading. This chair communicates the many serving opportunities to the church and helps decide how outreach money is spent.

Finance Committee Chair: The Finance Committee reviews our income and expenses and coordinates our pledge drives, our annual budgets, and our occasional audits. The chair is responsible for chairing meetings and communicating effectively with the vestry and the Rector.

Parish Operations Chair: This committee oversees the church facilities, recommending and supervising maintenance and facility improvements as well as safety programs.

Occasional Adult Forum Volunteer: When we are going to use the overhead projector for adult forum presentations, we need a volunteer to set up the laptop, screen and microphones for the presenter. This job can be done just before the 9:30 service starts or at 10:45. All the necessary cables are provided, and training is available for this task, which takes approximately 3 minutes.

THANK Y OU to Amber Trollinger and Barbara Theiss for filling in three of our needs at Good Sam!