Good Sam Women’s Group Annual Luncheon Meeting Feb. 4 and more

Date: January 22, 2018
Time: 9:00 am

Women of Good Samaritan Annual Luncheon Meeting

Sunday, February 4th, 2018 – 12:00 Noon in Roetter Hall

Soup, Salad, Dessert and Decisions

The Women’s Group Annual Meeting will be a luncheon held after Adult Forum on Sunday, February 4th.

We will discuss our current condition and future plans. We will also make important decisions on funding proposed outreach recipients (please see list below of proposed recipients) and vote on new Board for 2018/19.

The Women of Good Samaritan can come together in thanksgiving for our sisterhood and a successful 2017.

The menu will consist of soup, salad and desserts and volunteers are needed to cook. But we all know that no group cooks better than Good Sam women. So mark your calendar and prepare to take part in an important but lovely event celebrating you.

Proposed Outreach Recipients

Burundi International – education and economic empowerment in Burundi – Julie Marner, Executive Director

– 31,000 English students, college tuition ($1000 per student per year) 40 students, goat project for 300 women farmers and libraries, cell phones, computers for students, teachers and communities. 2017 WOGS funded $1000 for teacher cell phones and computers

Build-A-Miracle College Funds – Tuition assistance ($1500 per student per year) for 2 students from Build-A-Miracle neighborhood. Ana Karen studying to be a doctor, Rafe  is studying to be mechanical engineer.

2017 Good Sam gave $3000.

– Warrior Foundation

– Feeding San Diego

– San Diego Senior Gleaner

– Disaster Victims – CA fire and Puerto Rico

Proposed In-house needs:

Roetter Hall shades and installation $6,500.

– Motion voted on and carried to approve this expenditure

New rug for under sanctuary alter

– for consideration

After donating $6,500 for Roetter Hall screens, sharing $7,000 of Auction 2017 proceeds with Men’s Group, fencing $2,200 for retreat 2019 and $2,000 for Auction/fundraiser 2019, WOGS has $10,000 for Outreach/In-house money to disperse over two years.

Please consider the proposed recipients.

Discussion and vote will take place at our Annual Luncheon Meeting

February 4, 2018.


Women of Good Sam Form New Board 2018/19

A new Board consisting of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Member-at-large (to be appointed by the President) will be formed and voted on at our Annual Meeting to be held February 4, 2018.

According to our Bylaws (1/8/12) the responsibilities are as follows:

President – shall preside at all Board meetings and at least six general meetings each year. She, with Board approval, will fill vacancies occurring in offices and appoint committee chairpersons. She shall perform all duties pertinent to the office of president, including regular e-mail updates to members.

Vice-President – shall preside in the absence of the President. She shall serve as liaison to all committees. She shall be responsible for planning the programs for the general meetings.

Secretary – shall keep the minutes of all meetings. She shall conduct all general correspondence.

Treasurer – shall receive and disperse all monies as directed by the organization. She shall present a written treasurer’s report at the Annual Meeting and other times as requested by the President.

The current Board views the above descriptors more as guidelines then requirements in the knowledge that we all work together helping each other do the best we can. In that light, I ask each of you to consider stepping forward to serve in some capacity. You will not be alone but just the newest member of the team. Give it a go.


Good Sam’s Women’s Group Retreat 2018 – Newsflash!!!

The Women of Good Samaritan (WOGS) have a long history of taking retreats. They have been away or in-house, one day or long weekend, every year or every other year. Our last retreat was away for a long weekend in March of last year, held in partnership with our friends the Newman Center women.

For the last few years we have been blessed with a devoted, hard working Retreat committee headed by Margaret Bookwalter and assisted by Sally Miller and other Good Samaritans and Newman Center. Due to existing circumstances, at last WOGS meeting held November18, 2017, it was determined by attending membership that Retreat 2018 could not be given the time and attention that it deserves and that we should cancel a retreat for 2018 and focus on Retreat 2019. This will require forming a new retreat committee at the appropriate time to determine speaker, place and date.

However, it is a pleasure to announce that last year the Newman Center women formed their own Newman Center Women’s Group and are planning their own retreat in 2018. The Newman Center retreat will be held April 13-15, 2018 at Prince of Peace Abbey in Oceanside and the women of Good Samaritan are invited. This will be a wonderful opportunity to continue the warm friendship we have enjoyed with our Newman Center sisters.

Please contact Newman Center Women’s Group for more information at