Weeks and Months after the Death of a Loved One

After the funeral and in the days following, do not completely isolate yourself.

Take what is said to you with a grain of salt; most people are well-intentioned, but might still say all the wrong things.

If possible, wait at least a year before making any major decisions.

Think about participating in a Support Group. Not every group will fit, but give a group three times before you decide if it is helpful:

  • Compassionate Friends (for parents/siblings of a child who has died)
  • Hospice/hospital bereavement groups (contact your local hospital or hospice group to seek a fitting group)
  • Scripps Green Transplant Center (for people with transplants, or awaiting transplants, who have died)
  • Empty Cradle (for people who have lost a newborn or child up to the age of 2)

Consider reading about grief specific to your circumstances – See Bereavement Link: Grief Resource Books

Writing, music, and artistic expression may be helpful.

When life goes back to “normal,” it will not be “normal” for you. Consider how to create a “new normal.”