CCSA – HUNGER WALK – April 25, 2015 Saturday

Date: April 25, 2015
Time: 12:00 pm


Date:  Saturday, April 25, 2015

Place:  DeAnza Cove, 3000 East Mission Bay Drive, San Diego

Registration Fee:  A Donation

Timeline:      7:00 am Registration Opens

  • 7:45 am  Pre-Walk Ceremony
  • 7:55 am Warm Up Exercises
  • 8:00 am Walk Begins
  • 9:00 am Post-Walk Celebration with refreshments and music by the St. Brigid’s Contemporary Choir

 What is special about this year’s walk?   There are 2 special activities at the 2014 Hunger Walk.

  1. There will be an information available during the walk where you will learn about hunger in San Diego County.
  2. The first 200 walkers who register will receive FREE white T-shirts with blue lettering, a ticket for raffle prizes, and  the option to receive one of the Chili’s coupons.  We have 100 coupons for a free child’s meal and 100 coupons for free chips and salsa.

Are there any age limits for walkers?  There are no age limits for walkers.  Those under 18 must be accompanied by a parent, youth group leader or other responsible adult. The parent must co-sign the registration form.

Are dogs welcome?  People friendly dogs are welcome at this family-oriented event.  All dogs must be on leashes. We request that you not bring dogs into the congested area around the registration table.  Please have someone else tend your dog while you register.  City regulations require that dogs not be in the park after 9 am.

Can I bring my bike or skates?  For safety reasons we request that you leave your bicycles, skateboards and skates at home.  Wheelchairs, strollers and wagons are welcome.

How much does it cost to walk?  There is no set registration fee.  However, this is a fundraising event.  Walkers are encouraged to solicit family members, friends, and neighbors to sponsor the walker by making  donations to CCSA.

What if I need to do something else that morning?  If you want to walk earlier, you may start anytime after 7 am.  However, you would miss the camaraderie of walking with other supporters and attending the after-walk celebration.  If you can’t walk yourself, please consider supporting someone who is walking.

How do I sign up?   If you plan to walk, pick up a donation envelope from your church’s Advisory Council representative or at one of the agency’s offices.  It is possible to pre-register online.  If you do so print the form, sign it and bring it with you.  It will speed up your registration at DeAnza Cove.  You need to go to the registration table to receive a wrist band and a raffle ticket.  The first 200 participants to register will also receive a free T-shirt, and a Chili’s coupon for either a free child’s meal or a free order of chips and salsa.  We have 100 of each kind of coupon.

When do I turn in the money?  If possible, collect the pledged money before the walk.  The city does not like to have us to collect money at the bay.  Turn in your money to your Advisory Council representative or bring it to St. Mary Magdalene church office, 1945 Ilion Street on Sunday, April 19, between 1 and 3 pm.  Money can also be turned in at the agency’s offices.

What if I don’t have all the money yet?  Bring what you have already collected.  Enter the names of those pledges not collected on a second envelope that you keep, and mark their names off the envelope you turn in.  We ask that the names and donations listed on the front of any envelope turned in match the contributions inside the envelope.  Monetary donations made by checks may be mailed to the agency. Please do not mail cash.

What if I have other questions?  Call the agency at 858-274-2271 and leave a message for Linda, the Walk Chairman.

We look forward to seeing you at Mission Bay on the day of the walk. Thank you for your interest in CCSA and the 2015 Hunger Walk.