Mother’s Day Open Plate Donation – May 11

Date: May 11, 2014
Time: 9:30 am

This Sunday, May 11 (Mother’s Day), the open plate offering will be dedicated to the “Los Amigos de Los Niños of California” (LAdLN).   It was founded in the early seventies by John and Teresa Gonzalez from Merced, California. Its purpose is for supporting the “Hogar de Las Niñas Salvatierra” – Home for Salvatierra Girls – named after the first Bishop of Baja California. This orphanage is located in Tecate, Mexico and there are currently 17 girls in residence, ages 5 to 17.   The orphanage is run by an order of Mexican nuns whose principal mission is education. They operate schools all over Mexico, but their only other orphanage is at their headquarters in Aguascalientes. In Tecate, this orphanage is on the same grounds as their school, which the girls attend. Since the school (grades 1- 9) is arguably the best school in all of Baja California, the girls enter high school well ahead of their peers and emerge ready to go to college. And if we can – we send them onto college! LAdLN provides the nuns with a monthly stipend, and also attempts to acquire other items such as: a van, computers, property up keep (e.g. reroofing the entire orphanage), etc. LAdLN also supports local Tecate kids from poor families with scholarships and school supplies. Thank you for your support!