Science and Faith Event – Nov. 16 at 7:15 pm at La Jolla Presbyterian Church

Date: November 16, 2017
Time: 7:15 am

Science and Faith Event

at La Jolla Presbyterian Church on November 16, 7:15 pm discussion

Join us our guest speaker this month is Darrel Falk, a Professor of Biology, Emeritus, at Point Loma Nazarene University and the Senior Advisor for Dialog and former President of BioLogos, the now well-established organization showing that biology and Christian faith can harmoniously co-exist.

Dr. Falk’s 2004 book, Coming to Peace with Science: Bridging the Worlds Between Faith and Biology, has brought good news to both scientists and Christians alike. His presentation should be illuminating.

There will be FREE dinner at 7:00 pm (for young adults only).

La Jolla Presbyterian Church 7715 Draper Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037