We invite you to JOIN our Altar Guild!

Date: March 13, 2018
Time: 10:45 am

Make Our Worship Shine!

Not gonna lie: in many churches, the Altar Guild is regarded with fear and trepidation because the people who tend to the chalices and altar frontals can sometimes be…um…very, very definite about the ways they want things done. This is NOT TRUE at Good Samaritan. The members of our Altar Guild are funny, kind, inclusive, service-oriented, and interested in making worship holy and happy for the rest of us. They do a lot of quiet, behind-the-scenes work as well as setup for Sunday worship. They feel drawn to the holiness of the Eucharist, and so they wish to care for the altar linens, chalices, and decorations.

Do you have the spiritual gifts of service or hospitality? Then you may be called to serve on the Altar Guild with a bunch of funny, kind, inclusive, service-oriented people.

Please email Emily Velez-Confer, emilyvc@goodsamchurch.org, if you are curious or interested in helping out with the best-kept secret at Good Sam.