Meet our New Rector – The Rev. Janine Schenone

Date: June 20, 2016
Time: 9:30 am

A BAPTISM celebration  with Rev. Janine on Sunday, May 15, 2016

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EASTER vigil and EASTER at Good Sam with Rev. Janine

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Easter Vigil outside     —    Easter Vigil Worship Ctr.    —     Easter Sunrise Service

The Rev. Janine Schenone celebrated her first Sunday with her new congregation on February 7, 2016 at Good Samaritan Episcopal Church and after the 9:30 am service she was able to meet and greet parishioners and enjoy a Welcoming Reception in Good Sam’s Roetter Hall.

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A Message from our NEW Rector

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My brothers and sisters in Christ,

I have spent a few wonderful months in discussions with your calling committee and (more recently) your vestry, and I am so delighted that we mutually discerned a strong match between my passions and joys and your current needs and hopes for Good Sam’s future.  I am grateful to your interim rector, the Rev.  Daniel Pearson, for his leadership and guidance during your search.  And I’m grateful to the calling committee and vestry for all of their work as well.

Your warm welcome, your care for one another and for others in the community, and your desire to include more families all speak to the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in your midst. I am excited at the prospect of moving to San Diego and working with you to spread the love of Christ in a world that badly needs it.

Meanwhile, please accept my prayers and best wishes for a holy Advent and a joyous Christmas.  I will see you in February!



The Rev. Janine Schenone (pronounced “Sknone”) was born in San Francisco and grew up in Sunnyvale, California in a large Italian Catholic family.  She earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing at Northwestern University and a Master of Arts in English and Creative Writing at UC Davis.  She then worked in high tech in Silicon Valley in a variety of roles, from technical writer to business development manager to director of product management. At church, she sang in and directed choirs and worked with youth groups. She then was a professor of English at American River College in Sacramento for nine years.  She began attending an Episcopal Church in 2003 and recognized again a call to the priesthood that she first had experienced in childhood.

In 2009, she sold the house and the piano and entered Yale Divinity School, where she earned a Master of Divinity degree. She was ordained to the diaconate in 2012 and to the priesthood in 2013.  Encouraged to pursue a doctorate in systematic theology, Janine enrolled in a Ph.D program at Fordham University and served as a priest and Theologian in Residence at Christ Church in Bronxville, NY.  However, she loved parish ministry so much that

she left the Ph.D. program and moved back to California in 2013 to serve as the first Senior Associate of Congregational Development and Welcome at All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, CA.

Janine has a 24-year-old daughter named Georgia from a previous marriage. Her daughter works in Los Angeles as an assistant production coordinator on reality and scripted TV shows. Janine loves running, hiking, cooking, playing the piano, reading, and watching a certain baseball team to the north that tends to win World Series in even years.