Youth & Children Ministry Activities Starting Sept 13, 2015

Date: September 20, 2015
Time: 9:30 am

Mark your calendars NOW for the RETURN of Godly Play 1&2 and re:form on Sept. 13th.

Look for the Youth & Children Ministry displays on the patio, along with a special Welcome Back ice cream treat.

  1. NEW AND EXCITING OPPORTUNITY! DON’T MISS OUT!G ood Sam will resume the Adult Forums. During that time we will have after church activities for all our children and youth. There will be infant care, and a variety of play and craft activities available for children through 5th grade. Our middle school and high school students are invited to participate too as helpers or aides. Since we never know how many children we will have, we are seeking another adult or two to give us a hand once every month or two. If you would be willing to invest your time for a very fun hour, please talk to Judy Plumb or email her at

2. PARENTS:  FUN AND EXCITING ACTIVITIES AFTER THE WORSHIP FOR K- 5th GRADE! After all the hustle and bustle of getting to church, then sitting quietly for such a long it’s time for some energetic fun activities!!! So while you parents participate in the stimulating study of Luke, the children K- 5th grade will be provided games, arts and crafts, singing and even some culinary opportunities.

If you want your children K-5th grade to participate THEY MUST BE CHECKED-IN BY AN ADULT EACH SUNDAY Check-in will be in Roetter Hall Room # 2, the downstairs room located at the NE corner of the building adjacent to the playground. If your child is not checked in by the time the bell rings for the Adult class, Good Samaritan will not be held responsible for any accident or incident. We will do everything we can to keep your children safe, but this is a big campus and on a very public corner so it is wise to keep your children within view at all times.

3. FAMILIES WITH INFANTS … WELCOME TO GOOD SAM. We are a community who remembers the challenges and rewards of bringing little ones to worship. Some have said that children are the church of the future … but actually they, like us, are THE CHURCH NOW! It’s a joy to see parents carve out a little space in our large Sanctuary to let their toddler sing and dance to our music, just like some of the adults do or want to do from time to time.

Also, should the little ones need a change, there are changing tables in both the women’s and men’s restrooms at the end of the hall to your left as you exit the Sanctuary and also in the restrooms at Roetter Hall.

If you feel you child needs a different kind of change we do have a childcare provider who would be delighted to care for you child. She is at the back of the church to the right as you exit. This is the chapel that becomes our nursery during the worship service. There are extra toys and books for your energetic little one. Or you are welcome to stay there with your little one. You can see and hear the service from there.

In addition, starting September 6 Adult Forum will be presented by Rev. Monica Mainwaring – Presentation on her Trip to Tanzania and then starting on September 13th the Adult Forum series will be on the Gospel of Luke will begin after church.

The childcare provider and another adult will be in Room 2, in Roetter Hall, the building to you right as you exit the Worship Center. Room 2 is located at the NE corner of the building directly to the right of the play structure. The adult forum is in the same building. There is easy access for you to check on your child or for the care provider to find you. We hope you will give this a try. The adult forums should be awesome!

4. CALLING ALL (Adults and Teens*) WHO LOVE TO PLAY WITH INFANTS AND TODDLERS – Here’s your chance to spend an hour one Sunday a month (or more if you like) with some of our littlest church members. Of course, you won’t be alone. Our paid caregiver will be with you, so truly this could be the best hour of your week. If this ministry sounds fun to you or if you’d like more information, just click on this name, Judy Plumb, and she will receive your email and answer all your questions. *Teens, if this is something you enjoy and your school also require Community Service hours, talk with Judy Plumb and this can be arranged. But you must be pre-scheduled to help.


Starting Sept. 13th we will be providing after church activities for our K – 5th grade children. If you are an adults or teens (6th – 12th grade) who enjoy the energy and humor of this age group we need your help once a month or so with the after church activities being provided during the Adult Forum. It will be a busy time with outside areas designated for play and messy arts and crafts, and inside areas used for inclement weather or less messy activities. Maybe you would enjoy this, but sitting activities are best for you, we’ll have some of that, too. But we do need to have at least two adults, so don’t worry, you won’t be alone.

Please contact Judy Plumb … you can just press on this link and leave a message. She will email you or if you leave a phone number she will call you back.

*Teens, if this is something you enjoy and your school also require Community Service hours, talk with Judy Plumb about receiving Community Service Hours. But you must be pre-scheduled to help.