2014 Rector’s Letter

“There’s hope for your future, says the Lord.”
                      –Jeremiah 31:17

For Jeremiah to be hopeful and for him to proclaim hope is surely testimony to God’s presence and action. Known as the prophet of doom, Jeremiah decried the day he was born and he often talked more about God’s uprooting than planting, more about tearing down than building up.

In real life, indeed, there can be “dark times” and difficult challenges. So it’s a real blessing to have the assurance that God is a part of whatever is happening. Always God is concerned to bring hope and light.

Thankfully God presents salvation in the framework of past, present, and future. “Christ has died. Christ is risen. Christ will come again.” In this time of transition at Good Samaritan, we’re thankful for the heritage we enjoy. We’re grateful for the health we possess. We’re hopeful about the future God has in store for us.

Significantly, this year’s stewardship theme put emphasis on the future, our future. It is hope that draws us forward. It is hope that helps us see our part in what is to come. As we make our financial pledges, we participate in God’s hope for us. Personally, I am glad to make my pledge knowing I will be a part of God’s doing a new thing at Good Samaritan in the coming year.


Daniel Pearson
Interim Rector

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